Per Session/ event Fee/deposit: (does not include DVD/USB or any storage device).

This per session / Event fee represents your investment in our time and talent. The payment of this fee is to reserve your place, and hold your pricing. If you cancel or reschedule the session/event, you do not receive a refund for your fee. Full payment is to be paid in advance.


Along with choice of size of prints and albums, clients receive the digital copy of selected photographs on DVD/USB – perfect for archiving and preserving.

Prices are subject to the type of session/event and change at any time at the discretion of camera coy management and without any notice. Once you have scheduled your session and paid your session fee your price will not change.
Please fill out the form and send it to us we will get back to you with our fee/price structure.

Please choose an event from the list mention below,You would like us to cover and email us so that we can contact you for more details